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This is an archive of all the News that's been posted to the OULES Website since Time Immemorial (or, well, 2002). If you're looking for more archives, have a look at our past shows or join our mailing lists and have a look at the archives.

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Snow White and the Seven Vertically Challenged Treasure Hunters

What a perfect way to escape the pressures of 8th week and get into the holiday spirit! Come along and boo the baddies and cheer for the goodies, tap your feet to our wonderful songs and (hopefully) laugh your socks off! All in the name of charity!
Moser Theatre, Wadham College
Tuesday-Thursday 8th Week (1st-3rd December) 19:30pm
£4 for students, children, senior citizens etc; £5 for everyone else

Posted by pilly on 26/11/2009

Snow White Auditions!

This Term, OULES will be performing the pantomime Snow White. Auditions will take place on Sunday 1st Week (11th October) in the Lower Lecture Room, Lincoln College from 8pm-10pm.
If you want more information, or can't make the auditions but would like a part, or have any other questions, E-mail the President: Marcus or the Director: Fabby. Pip-Pip!

Posted by pilly on 09/10/2009

OULES is 10!

For those not aware, this year we're celebrating 10 years of OULES! More info soon… (Watch this space: [ ])

Posted by pilly on 09/10/2009

New Look Website!

I've done a lot of playing with the website now! Take a look about and if you spot anything odd or wrong, let me know! The old username/password for the script archive works, sort of, but you'll get more out of this site if you register! (use the New User link)

Posted by pilly on 30/07/2009


As it's the summer, we're not doing a lot, except having a very nice week camping… In Slough… Ahem. (Actually, it was good fun - and we got to go and do a revue at an old people's home with the CULES and the USLES).
Some of us are getting our summer fun by going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Two Shades of Blue!
See you in October!

Posted by pilly on 13/07/2009


Today I got bored. I was meant to be tidying my room up, but forgot and fiddled with the website instead!

Posted by pilly on 13/07/2009

Lasagne! The Musical!

Lasagne! The Musical is our garden show this term… but it's not about lasagne (or so I hear). If you want to know what it IS about, you'll have to come and see it. More details coming soon (or possibly not at all).

Posted by Rory on 29/04/2009
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