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Flosscars 2016

Flosscars are our annual awards for acting, failing to act, writing, failing to write, and generally anything we feel deserves an award at the time. Feel free to browse our archives of Flosscars in years gone past as well as using this page in Trinity of each year to nominate and vote for that year's Flosscars!

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Best Hero


Winner : Brigitte Stenhouse (Somerville) for The Lumberjack (Fairest of them All)

Best Heroine


Winner : Anna Spearing-Ewyn (St. John's College) for Maid Marian (Fairest of them All) Elle Mawson for Little Red Riding Hood (Robin Hood)

Best Villain


Winner : Jake Griffiths (Brasenose) for Big Bad Wolf (Fairest of them All)

Best Morally Ambiguous Person


Winner : James Bruce (Corpus Christi) for Flick Ranger (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels!)

Best Double Act / Couple


Winner : Georgia Nicholson (St Hugh's) and Iarla Manny for Prince Charming and Humphrey (Fairest of them All)

Most Spurious Accent


Winner : James Bruce (Corpus Christi) for Flick Ranger's Various Accents (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels!)

Best Directing Team


Winner : Judith Moore (Balliol) and Sebastian Fox (Mansfield) (Fairest of them All)

Best Writer(s)


Winner : Katie Moore (Magdalen) and Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen) (Fairest of them All)

Best Song


Winner : Judith Moore(Balliol) for Bark is as Bad as the Bite (Big Bad Wolf Song) (Fairest of them All)

Best Costume


Winner : Kiwi Apteryx-Tokoeka (Charles Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters) and Laura Hankins (Magdalen) for Rapunzel's Wig (Fairest of them All)

Best Worst Prop


Winner : Perry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield) for the Tiny Ladder (Fairest of them All)

Best Best Prop


Winner : Georgie Atton (Somerville) for all of the books (Fairest of them All)

Best Cock-up During a Performance


Winner : Jasper Rose Russell (Merton) for accidentally escaping custody several scenes too early (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels!)

Best Cock-up Backstage or During Rehearsals


Winner : The entire Let's Steal cast except for Ben for Getting distracted by a badger (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels!)

Best Ad-Lib


Winner : Clemency Flitter for 'There must be so many seasons of Firefly! / What do you mean they cancelled it?!' (Fairest of them All)

Best Quote During a Show


  • Sheriff of Nottingham for 'Sire, we are all wearing tights' (Robin Hood)
  • Prince John and Robin Hood for the pure sound of Robin Hood ass-slap (Robin Hood)
  • Sir Godfrey for 'I'm sick and tired of being everybody's BUTTMONKEY!!' (Robin Hood)
  • The Gingerbread Man for 'Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!' (Fairest of them All)
  • Humphrey for 'Shall I fetch your panicking trousers, sir?' (Fairest of them All)

Winner : Prince Charming for 'Ladies, please, don't fight over me. At least, not with our clothes on (Fairest of them All)

Best Worst Line-Learner


Winner : Branoc Richards (Magdalen) (Fairest of them All)

The 'Ooh you luvvie' Award for Actually Being Able to Act


Winner : James Bruce (Corpus Christi) for Flick Ranger (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels!)

The 'Beyond the Call of Duty' Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty


Winner : Georgie Atton (Somerville) for performing and backstage directing despite having thrown up a dozen times that day (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels!)

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